Developing an alternative proposal for the Blue House Roundabout

Who are the Blue House Group?

The Blue House Roundabout working group is tasked with bringing forward ideas for alternative proposals for the Blue House Roundabout.

The group is facilitated by an independent facilitator from the national Transport Planning Society, and a Trustee of the national charity to promote everyday walking.

This website is a repository of supporting materials and documentation of the ongoing process of the Blue House Roundabout Working Group. The views and opinions expressed in the media and comments on the website are those of the speakers and authors and do not necessarily reflect or represent the views and opinions held by the council and the organisations or individuals partaking in the Blue House Roundabout Working Group.

About the process

The Working Group has engaged in several meetings since September 2016, with sufficient time between meetings to enable the Council to respond to comments and requests for information. The independent chair was asked to provide a report with recommendations for the council to consider in advance of them finalising a proposal for further public consultation. These recommendations are now available to view on this website.