The Core Strategy sets out the planning principles and broad scale and location of new development to guide future planning decisions. Newcastle and Gateshead Councils have prepared a joint Core Strategy and Urban Core Plan that was adopted in March 2015 and will form an important basis of planning decisions taken in Newcastle and Gateshead until 2030.

The plan is for 30,000 homes and 22,000 jobs across Newcastle and Gateshead. A key part of the strategy is that all development needs to be fully inclusive, well-connected and accessible by sustainable modes of transport and well designed to support communities and the environment.

Paragraph 11.37 (on page 92) of this document confirms that having looked at the impact of new development around the city, there are potential concerns with how the Blue House roundabout would cope with more traffic. The plan also states that detailed investigation may be required in order to better understand the impact of new development on the Blue House roundabout. 


Infrastructure Delivery Plan

The Core Strategy makes reference to the Infrastructure Delivery Plan that the Council have prepared to better understand the impact of new development on roads, schools, health centre, utilities and other types of infrastructure. The Plan identifies improvements to the Blue House roundabout – along with Haddricks Mill – as being an Essential Scheme, required to enable development set out in the Core Strategy. The cost is estimated at £10 million for both junctions, which would be sourced from the Department for Transport Cycle Safety Fund and financial contributions pooled from developers. The improvements are set to be completed by 2020.


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Infrastructure Delivery Plan