The Transport Assurance Framework describes the principles and processes which will guide major transport scheme investment decisions in the North East Combine Authority (NECA) area.Вредность вычисления среднего

There are three parts to the document as well as 6 annexes. Part one (p.3-6) sets out the purpose, structure and operating principles of the NECA and the NECA Transport Group. Part 2 (p. 7-14) details how the NECA will prioritise the preferred transport investments identified and sponsored by one of the seven Local Authorities or Nexus. Part 3 (p. 15-21) discusses how programme management and investment decisions will be made.

Also relevant is section 6 on scheme eligibility (pg 9-10) and table 7.4 (pg 12-13), which sets out the policy criteria that each scheme needs to fit with.

List of Annexes:

Annex A: North East Leadership Board – Responsibility of Functions
Annex B: Transport North East Committee – Responsibility of Functions
Annex C: LA7 Chief Executive Group – Terms of Reference
Annex D: Economic Directors Group – Draft Terms of Reference
Annex E: North East Combined Authority Transport Group – Role and Remit
Annex F: Report carried out by Sustainable Transport Consultancy JMP into the Local Major Schemes Devolution Process

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NECA Transport Assurance Framework