The Jesmond Dene Estate Residents Association was formed in 1961 by local residents concerned about over development (as it was then viewed) of the Jesmond Dene Estate. Jesmond Dene Estate comprises of Lindisfarne Road, Adderstone Crescent, Castleton Grove, Glastonbury Grove, Lindisfarne Close and Castleton Close – a total of 250 houses or flats with a total population of around 550 people.

The Association gets involved in planning applications that affect the estate and licensing issues that impact the Jesmond/Gosforth area.

The Association is run by a committee drawn from the residents which is elected each year at the Annual General Meeting read here. The Association’s committee serves a dual role being to examine planning applications and other issues pertinent to the estate as appropriate and to act as link with the police as part of the Neighbourhood Watch scheme.

The Association communicates with the members in a number of ways:-

  • We produce around 5 newsletters each year and send a Christmas Card to each residence.
  • We canvass door-to-door over specific issues where appropriate (formally and informally)
  • We operate a website ( which concentrates in the main on Neighbourhood Watch issues and have recently developed pages on this site to cater for the Residents’ Association (

As part of our consultation commitment to the Blue House Roundabout working group, we have leafleted the entire estate since the first meeting to ensure that residents are aware of the website, are prompted to engage with the consultation process and can respond with comments to a dedicated email address set up for the purpose ( For those without internet access, the Chair and the Secretary have provided their addresses for correspondence.

We have increased frequency of Committee meetings to ensure that the latest suggestions are disseminated as quickly as possible and any suggestions from members are garnered in time for the next working group meeting. We have also made provision for additional written material to be delivered to residents as required.