The Forum is made up of a range of people of all ages and all cycling abilities. Members of the public are welcome and there are representatives from both cycling and non-cycling groups, organisations and businesses. The Forum is independent but is serviced by council officers.

The Cycling Stakeholders Forum is not a decision making body but it is the means by which interested parties can contribute to and influence the policies and services that the Council and its partners provide for cyclists. It has a strong influence on the Council’s policy on cycling and the Cycle City Ambition Fund project.

Forum meetings

The Cycling Stakeholders Forum meets on the 3rd Thursday every other month and acts to influence and monitor the delivery of agreed Council policy and budget proposals. It may be asked to create task and finish groups around certain themes that require additional work. The Forum makes recommendations and observations that will be fed to the Cycle City Programme Board that is responsible for the delivery of cycling infrastructure in Newcastle.

Newcastle Council has an ambition to become a ‘City Fit For Cycling’ which makes it safe and easy for people of all ages and abilities to walk and cycle. It has set a target of 12% of trips under 5 miles to be done by bike by 2022.

As Vice Chair of the Stakeholder Forum I’ll be reporting back to its meetings regarding the work undertaken by the Blue House Working Group.

Bill Dodds

For more information type ‘cycling’ into the Newcastle Council website