The Tyne & Wear Public Transport Users’ Group was formed in November 2010 and is a voluntary group of individuals and representatives from various organisations across Tyne and Wear, including special interest transport groups (e.g. Campaign for Better Transport), disability groups, trade unions, and members of the public from the five T&W boroughs.  

We are primarily interested in improving the quality, quantity and availability of public transport services for the people of North East England. We believe that cheap, attractive, and convenient public transport is one solution to reducing the environmental damage and pollution caused by the high use of private motor vehicles. We campaign for better rail, metro,  bus, cycling, and walking facilities across the region, and carry out research to highlight the problems with the current transport system. We have special working groups looking at travel for those with disabilities, air pollution, and transport for older people.

We seek to influence the bus and rail companies, as well as Nexus and the North East Combined Authority, and to encourage car owners to switch to public transport (through better prices, better integration of transport modes, supporting cyclists and disabled users, providing affordable park and ride etc.).

We aim to engage with those people who rarely travel on public transport because either: they believe it is not cost-effective, there are physical barriers to travelling, or they believe there is a lack of personal security. In all cases we aim to find out why, and do what we can to help.

Tyne and Wear Public Transport User Group is a voluntary group made up of representatives from local organisations and individuals from across the region. The group’s Newcastle branch, represented on the Blue House Working Group by Alistair Ford, aim to meet every two months throughout the year. The main Tyne and Wear group holds an officers’ meeting every two months, attended by organisation representatives and local branch officers. Feedback from the Blue House Working Group is presented at local Newcastle branch meetings and input, opinions, and positions sought from local members. Email updates of progress will also be sent to our mailing list, to solicit input from those members unable to attend branch meetings. Through these mechanisms, the needs of local public transport users (covering a range of ages, abilities, and locations) are represented on the working group.

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