Gosforth Traffic was founded in 2012 to highlight local traffic issues in and around Gosforth such as red light running, speeding and rat running.  Since then the membership (page likes) has steadily grown to over 2000, with the largest sign up being during controversial and disruptive road schemes, particularly the removal of the Regent Centre roundabout and the Broadway cycle scheme, which were the catalysts that brought the community together. In reality, as the site is a public page our reach is far wider than our 2000 followers. Our most popular posts can have over 7,000 to 11,000 views in a matter of days.

The site has become a place where the ordinary people who live in, work in and travel through Gosforth have a voice and can be heard. We also strive to provide information back to the community, be it sharing traffic alerts, relevant planning applications and other information provided by local bodies such as the council, transport operators or local councilors.

The site is currently moderated by John Dockerty along with co-moderators Andrew, Iain and Simon, all of whom have an equal say in the development of this site. The moderators of the site all come from very different backgrounds but have one thing in common – we all live in the community and passionately believe in making the voice of ordinary people heard. We all give up our time freely to ensure the success of Gosforth Traffic as both a group and an essential source of information for local residents.

Like the moderators, the members of the site come from a wide range of backgrounds and have many diverse viewpoints. We don’t represent any single group, such as cyclists or motorists and therefore we will raise issues and concerns from anyone in the community. Gosforth Traffic believe that the Gosforth community, as a whole, is entitled to a say in their future and they are entitled to hold public bodies to account. Gosforth traffic is not a political group, nor affiliated to the local authority or any other organisations.

Whilst Gosforth Traffic is moderated closely, we don’t censor.  Lively discussion is always encouraged and anyone can have a say on any topic providing that it isn’t rude, offensive, inflammatory or illegal.

In short, we seek to provide a voice to the whole community and promote fair, considered and  realistic solutions to the traffic issues faced in Gosforth.