The West Gosforth Residents Association was formed in the summer of 2016 as a response by local residents to council proposals to move and increase the size of the Blue House Roundabout. It acts primarily as an information hub, passing information to those who are registered and passing the views of those members on to the Council and other interested parties. As yet we are not established as a formal residents group although we anticipate moving towards this in the future. Focusing on the Blue House Roundabout proposals is our priority at present as  this is  the primary concern of our members.

We communicate with our members as follows:

  • All information we receive is emailed to our database of members
  • All our members have been informed of the website and are made aware of information that is on that site, including proposed layouts and meeting notes
  • We email members with other additional information linked to other residents groups and organisations which are relevant
  • In our communication with our members we stress that we need their views so that we can represent them.
  • We encourage members to share this with their neighbours and friends to ensure the widest possible dissemination of information and also to maximise views that are reported back to us
  • We continue to seek support from other residents groups and local organisations to maximise our reach in communicating as much information to as many residents as possible.

Veronica Stonor

West Gosforth Residents Association