Town Moor Trees Survey

2016 Blue House Area Tree Survey

Please see below the summary of trees identified or recommended for removal and related supporting documents here: Tree Survey Map and Tree Survey Information

Summary of trees identified or recommended for removal

No.          Preliminary Management Recommendation

7               potential for removal

16            crown clean. remove scaffold limb.. remove tree to allow adjacent tree space for growth

37            remove tree

42            remove

44            remove

46            remove tree

48            remove

82            remove tree

114         remove

124         remove

127         poor specimen – remove

133         remove

134         remove

135         remove

244         remove tree

248         would benefit adj trees if removed

251         would benefit adjacent trees if removed and replacement plant offered. crown clean if retained

252         consider removal

310         remove tree after bat risk

311         remove tree

312         remove tree

315         remove tree

317         remove

320         remove

322         remove

327         remove tree

399         recommend removal or monitor18-24 months

440         monitor tree. recommend removal

452         tree declining. recommend remove

453         recommend removal

454         recommend removal

481         recommend removal

493         recommend removal

660         suggest remove tree

685         remove tree or monolith for inverts

695         remove tree

712         recommend removal

713         recommend removal

38 of 820 trees



  1. Please can someone tell me if any healthy trees are highlighted for removal and if so why? A tree lined road helps the environment and helps maintain the health of the people who live nearby or pass through.

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