About the Blue House Group

The Blue House Roundabout working group is tasked with bringing forward ideas for alternative proposals for the Blue House Roundabout. The group comprises of representatives from: New Cycling , T&W Public Transport Users Group, Jesmond Residents’ Association, High West Jesmond Residents Association , Five Admirals Residents Group, Save Newcastle Wildlife, Space for Gosforth , Newcastle Cycling Stakeholders Forum, North Jesmond Labour Councillor, East Gosforth Councillor, West Gosforth Councillor,  Gosforth Traffic, Save our Town Moor Facebook Group, Nexus / Bus Operators, Jesmond Dene Estate Residents Association, West Gosforth Residents Association, Change.org Petition, Transport Development NCC, Engagement NCC.

The group is facilitated by an independent facilitator from the national Transport Planning Society, and a Trustee of the national charity to promote everyday walking.

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